Support For Smart Home

Smart Hub Installation And Setup

Too many controls for too many smart devices? Get a single hub for all of them! Our expert tech will install your smart hub and make multi-controlling more manageable and convenient for you. Consolidate all your smart devices in one single smart hub. Our techs will provide a full demonstration on the working and functioning of your smart hub.

Services Offered
  • Setting up the smart hub system.
  • The configuration of a single smart hub.
  • Connecting and consolidating all smart devices with the smart hub.
  • Demonstration of the smart hub working.
Smart Hub

Smart Device Hook-Up

Having problems in setting up your smart devices? Rely on us for that! We will set up all your smart digital devices and make your home a smarter one. Be it a smart lamp, clock or a grinder let us know for assistance. We will set up and configure your smart device as well as assist in its functioning.

Services Offered
  • Setup of smart device.
  • The configuration of the smart device.
  • Connection with the smart hub.
  • Demonstration of functionality.

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Smart Thermostat Isntallation

Smart Thermostat Installation

Install your new smart thermostat with our professional assistance. Our experts will do a full assessment of the installation area, install, and connect your device to the existing wireless network to perform the first time setup. A proper demonstration will be provided explaining the features, working, and functionality of the device.

Services Offered
  • Assessment of the installation area.
  • Installation of the smart thermostat device.
  • Connecting the smart device to the current wifi network.
  • Perform first time setup and demonstrate features.

Video Doorbell Installation

Cherish the experience of your new video doorbell and leave the technical work of its installation on us. We will install your device and connect it to your smart hub or home network. Our tech will primarily assess the installation area, install the device and connect it to your wireless network. If required, the doorbell can also be connected to your handset.

Services Offered
  • Assessment of the installation area.
  • Installing the device and connecting it to your smart hub and wireless network.
  • Connect the device with mobile handset.
  • Please note that a functional mobile set is required at the time of installation.